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Battery Handling, Risk and Safety Precautions

Here are the safety precautions you need to heed when changing a flat battery by yourself. Protect yourself with the right protective equipment and understand the danger and battery hazards when handling car batteries.

Risk and danger of battery handling and ways to prevent it

Electric Shocks – If you’ve been seeing or smelling electrical sparks when checking your car battery, maybe you have to triple check it before you say your day is done. As batteries are stored energy, it is prone to overheating and accidental short circuit. Always check if you connected the cables or terminals properly and practice to use the right protective equipment when dealing with automotive batteries. Also, avoid wearing metallic accessories as metal is a conductive object that can trigger electric shocks.

Battery Acid – One thing is for sure when we say acid it automatically means safety risk. As battery acid is beneficial, it can also be toxic and cause irreversible damage to you if not taken properly. Painful burns, irritation, and scarring are just some minor effects of the acid present in your battery. The risk of damaging your lungs or eyesight may also occur if you breathed or contract the acid. Use a safety gear such as goggles, face shield, rubber gloves, or rubber apron to protect yourself from the impending risk. Avoid contacting with skin, eyes, or clothing. In the event of an accident, flush with water and seek medical aid immediately.

Flammable Gasses – Gasses are normally part of an automotive battery as it helps the battery to operate properly. Although it is a common battery content, you still have to consider the risk whenever you do a maintenance check. Bear in mind that battery gasses are flammable and explosive. Always allow proper ventilation when handling battery gasses and avoid the use of any source of ignition to eliminate the risk of open flames and the like. Remember to heed safety precautions and use safety equipment too.

Here are some tips to make your car battery lasts longer

Regular inspection and maintenance – Although your car battery is maintenance-free, you still have to check on it from time to time. Avoid ignoring any signs of irregularity as prevention is better than cure when taking care of your car battery.

Practice battery health and safety – Looking out for your car battery’s health is not just a walk in the park, there are some few cautions you need to know to avoid incorrigible damages to your battery and yourself. Be familiar with battery hazards to find the right way to avoid it.

What to do if such problems occur?

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Battery Handling, Risk and Safety Precautions