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Know more about your car battery maintenance and engine oil change

Maintenance Free and Low Maintenance Battery

To make sure your battery last longer, you have to know the basics. We already mentioned before the tips and tricks you have to know to avoid draining your car battery. We also discussed guides on how to maintain your car battery’s life span. Before we move forward, we would like to discuss the basic. What is the difference between a maintenance free and low maintenance car battery?

First, both types are filled with electrolyte and function in the same way. However, maintenance free battery has improved materials and several modifications compared to a low maintenance battery. This type of battery does not necessarily need to constantly fill with distilled water to keep the electrolyte level. Maintenance free battery also guarantees less gasification due to the modification of lead terminals that were made of lead and calcium.


Maintenance Free and Low Maintenance Battery


On the other hand, we have a low maintenance battery. Low maintenance batteries are the type of batteries which requires you to check the car battery’s electrolyte level periodically. It also requires the car owner to check the level of charge and the density of the electrolyte from time to time.

Batteries lineup Low Maintenance


When do you need an oil change?

Your car engine component has the tendency to experience higher wear and tear if it is not properly lubricated. Check for signs and symptoms that might trigger your car from not starting due to oil level.

Dark-coloured oil

The most obvious sign is when you check your engine oil level with a dipstick and resulted in a dark-coloured oil. When you see a dark brown or black oil, immediately change your oil to a newer one. Black/dark oil is present due to high heat, contaminants or additives in its components.

Increased engine noise

Engine noise is quite normal for cars, especially old cars. However, when the noise is louder than usual maybe there are problems you need to address. Oil lubricates every part of your engine if the oil wears out it may be difficult for your engine to function well. Hence, the ticking noises you hear whenever you go for a drive.


As mentioned before, oil lubricates the component of your engine. When the oil runs out or wears out, it may cause overheating due to friction. This will cause your vehicle to overheat due to lack of lubrication.

Excess vehicle exhaust

Vehicle exhaust normally happens, however, when the smoke from tailpipes becomes visible and evident maybe you need to consider an oil replacement. Excess smoke may indicate that the oil you are currently using is old and should be changed immediately.

Burnt smell

When a strange smell hits your senses, better opt for a halt and check your car for any leak or damage. If you cannot find any, maybe your oil is the problem. This may happen when your engine overheats and oil starts burning in your car’s exhaust area. When this situation happens, immediately look for a near car shop to replace your oil.

Immediately go to the nearest auto shop in your area for car maintenance and car engine oil change to avoid the stress and hassle of halting on the middle of the road.

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Know more about your car battery maintenance and engine oil change