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Signs To Bid Farewell To Your Car Battery

As a significant part of your car, the car battery is what keeps your car moving. By sending the power to your starter, alternator, and engine to start your car and generate electricity from the alternator to maintain its power. It is not closing the possibility for the battery to die earlier than the expectant lifespan.

Keeping up with the signs of your dying car battery is one of the most important task throughout the maintenance process. Aside from the possibility that the battery problems can happen at any time without warning, many people don’t have time to pay attention and as a result, they may end up and stuck on the roadside without battery replacement while looking for car battery store.

To prevent the incident to happen, there are few signs that may indicate your battery is dying.

  1. Old age

One of the clearest signs is its age which is more likely to stop working. Climate, electronic demands such as turn on the radio or charge your phone while the car stays idle and driving habits plant a role in the lifespan of your car battery. It is highly recommended to test and check your car battery regularly.

  1. Slow starting engine

Announcing the failing battery, you will notice that the engine cranks more slowly than usual and takes a longer time to start the car. The inability to start as easily as before is due to the components inside your battery wears out and turns it to be less effective than before. Therefore, you might need to jump start your battery, bid farewell and say hello to your new car battery.

  1. Loss of power to electrical components

Not only to starts your engine, but car battery also powers all the electronics in your car – windows, lights, radio, dashboard and more. Once your radio is turning soft in its volume, needed a long time to wind down your window or your headlights are getting dimmer, you roughly know what is happening which is your car battery is close to failing. Before you are caught driving without your headlights at night or during heavy rain, it will be better to get everything on the check and changing the car battery in the nearest car battery service center.

p.s.: Please avoid to plug in your phone charger to prevent the car stops while driving.

  1. The battery symbol on the dashboard

Might be a various indicator and should not be overlooked in many cases. When the symbol is light up, it most likely happens when your car battery power is weak – but not closing the possibility of the charging system or engine faulty to happen. If the symbol stays on while driving, your alternator belt or some other part of the electrical system is likely to have some problem.

Benjamin Franklin once said that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” which means that prevention is much better than dealing with problems. Therefore, to avoid your car battery to stop in the middle of the road, it will be better to keep on checking and find a nearby car battery store for your car battery installation.

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Signs To Bid Farewell To Your Car Battery