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Tips on maintaining your car battery life

Everyone is asking how long their battery will last but have you asked the question on how to maintain your car battery life so it can last longer? If not, try asking now because maybe you are doing the wrong thing that can harm your car battery’s lifespan.

Your car battery gives power to every part of your vehicle, energy to make it function and electricity to make it start. It is a common knowledge that for a battery to work efficiently is to invest time on maintaining it properly.

Make sure your car battery is suitable for your car

Be mindful when buying your battery as there is a wide range of car battery types to choose from; avoid purchasing the wrong one as it contributes to the lifespan of your battery. By doing so, you can prevent any future damages a wrong battery can cause.

Clean the battery terminals with a wire brush every 6 to 8 months

Use a baking soda mixed with distilled water and gently scrub the terminal to remove the dried acid lodged in your terminal. When done, hand tighten your terminals but do not overdo it to avoid the risk of damaging both battery poles and terminals.

Clean the battery

When cleaning your car battery make sure to use the right cleaning materials. Baking soda and distilled water are good options to wipe down unnecessary specks of dust and dirt accumulated on the surface of your battery. Do this to get rid of unwanted dirt on your battery terminals that can cause battery failure.

Maintain your car battery life by using the right cleaning tool

Invest in a cleaning tool or materials to cleanse your car. Using the right tool and materials would avoid the risk of unexpected rust and corrosion build-up on your battery. It is preferable to invest now since battery corrosion build-up could prevent your car from starting smoothly.

Disconnect your battery 

It is advisable to disconnect your battery from your car if you are not planning to go for a long trip. Since electrical systems in cars such as security alarm, clock, and radio work even if the battery is turned off, it may cause unnecessary draining when you leave your car unused. Better disconnect it to avoid draining your car battery life.

Keep the battery tightly fastened

Secure your battery when going for a ride on a bumpy road. Do this to prevent your car battery from any internal damage and short circuits that can cause battery failure to happen.

Regularly check your electrolyte level

Conventional battery requires you to maintain the electrolyte level between high and low to avoid the plates in the battery from being exposed. Topping it up with distilled water is the best solution when filling your electrolyte level.

Visit the nearest car battery stores or car battery service

Pay a visit to the nearest battery store in your area to regularly check your car battery for upgrades or tune-ups. Upgrade or tune-ups help to start your car smoother and faster than it used to be.

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Tips on maintaining your car battery life