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Safety Guidelines When Checking Your Car Battery

As a car enthusiast, you may be familiar with all the dos and don’ts when it comes to car batteries, right? But have you thought if you’re properly handling your car battery whenever you check, test, or charge it? We thought so too, proper handling or practising safety guidelines can easily save you and your battery from incorrigible damage.

Always remember that batteries play a vital role in your car’s functionality, and having a weak car battery doesn’t help your vehicle’s performance at all. As to prevent this scenario from happening, we laid out a list of guidelines you may adhere to avoid harming your battery and yourself.

Safety Guidelines you may need:


Check your car battery’s manual

– this is one of the most basic guidelines you need to always have in the back of your mind. Get to know more about your battery, the dos and don’ts, the chemical or compound that’s in it and the likes. If you are finally aware of what consists your battery, then, you might be confident in handling it properly.

Avoid placing metallic objects on top of the battery

– metal is a good conductor of heat and electricity, placing it near or on top of a battery may cause unwanted electrical charge, or worse, it may cause an explosion or spark. This is one of the most necessary safety guidelines you need to heed when checking a weak car battery to save yourself, your battery and your surroundings from unwanted damages.

Do your work in a well-ventilated area

– this is a given fact when working with car batteries or any type of object that has a certain chemical or compound in it. Inhaling toxic materials or waste from car batteries may have negative effects on your health. Working in a well-ventilated area allows air to move, making it an advantage for car battery owners to inhale “healthy” and fresh air.

Avoid cigarettes or open flames

– cigarettes are bad for your health, especially if you are working near an object containing chemical compounds. This may cause an unexpected explosion of fire which may harm you and your battery. It is one of the few guidelines you shouldn’t miss as open flames near a car battery may cause permanent damage.

Wear protective gears

– this may sound over the top because how can a small object harm you, right? The thing is, a car battery vessel might be harmless but the amount of acid or chemical that is in it is not. An acid burn may happen if a battery compound touches your skin; exposing your skin to a battery chemical compound may leave some mark over time. It is better to consider this one of many lists of guidelines than to be sorry after.

Avoid using battery booster or charger

– a battery generates explosive gases so avoid using battery booster cable or adjusting the post connection without proper training or instruction as it may cause further damage to your battery and yourself. It is advisable to contact the nearest battery store in your area to seek a professional if you are unsure of what to do.

With proper handling and following proper guidelines, your car battery might be as good as new! And you do not have to trouble yourself again with poor battery performance and be anxious for your safety. Remember that prevention is better than cure, so, better be safe and adhere to these few safety precautions to avoid unwanted injuries.

Any alternative method I can consider?

Contact the nearest battery store or dealer in your area to get your battery checked professionally. Take note that a dead battery tends to affect the overall performance of your car. One example is when you try to turn the ignition key on, if nothing happens it means you need to check your car battery as it may be at fault. If you are too busy to adhere to our safety guidelines, you may always visit the nearest car battery store to have your battery maintenance.

You may also consider buying a reliable car battery for your car; having a trusted battery brand means less hassle in the future. You may call our Century Battery Assist hotline at 1-800-228837 for a car battery delivery and installation – FREE in Klang Valley only. Do not hesitate to call us if you require any car battery assistance as we are available 24/7 and always on the go.

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Safety Guidelines When Checking Your Car Battery