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Century Batteries Now Packed with EFB Technology for Start-stop Cars!

Century battery is now Start-stop car ready!

Century Battery Malaysia has launched its new Century Batteries with EFB technology that is compatible to any Start-stop cars! With EFB technology, your battery has three times longer idling stop life cycle. Battery charge acceptance may also rise up to 130% and starting power to 115%. This technology is also suitable for urban intensive use vehicle and can withstand heavily equipped electronic devices.

You can now enjoy longer rides with our new Century Batteries without worrying about possible draining. Aside from that, Century Batteries with EFB technology is a compatible and suitable companion to any Start-Stop cars. In the latest news, popular vehicles such as Myvi and Bezza are now equipped with Perodua Eco Idle System which helps the car to save a lot of fuel by shutting off the engine when the car stops and restarts when it moves. Mazda, on the other hand, has i-stop or idle-stop, which also helps the car engine to stop and restart immediately. With the new technology, Century Batteries can withstand the sudden discharge and recharge of energy every time you shut-off and restart your car.

Century Batteries now packed with EFB technology start-stop cars!| Century Battery


What is EFB technology?

Enhanced Flooded Battery is the improved version of standard wet-flooded technology. It has improved cycle life and performance than conventional batteries. Aside from its improved car battery life, EFB Battery has the ability to recover quickly than a standard battery. Century Batteries were designed to resist possible draining caused by heat or unnecessary electrical discharge, with the help of this new technology the chance of immediate draining decreases. Enhanced Flooded Battery also has key features like high resistance to vibration, high cranking power, environmental sustainability, improved fuel efficiency, and complete recyclability. Rest assured that your day will go smoothly with the new EFB technology since it is built for higher performance and can keep up with the electrical demands of most Start-Stop vehicles.

Century Batteries now packed with EFB technology start-stop cars!| Century Battery


Improved Century Batteries that are suitable for Start-stop cars!

Century has been in the industry for more than 50 years and we want our customer to be satisfied with our products and services. We will continue to provide high-quality products to our valued customers. Hence, we make it possible to improve our batteries and services to keep up with the latest technology. Here is a list of newly improved Century Batteries:



Where to buy EFB Battery with EFB technology?

If you are interested in our new product, you can visit our site to learn more. Kindly note that prices may vary from dealer to dealer, you can visit our Dealer finder to know which car battery store is near your area. To find out what EFB battery suits you Start-stop car, visit our Century Battery finder! Drive now to the nearest car battery shop in your area to experience a maximum ride with our new EFB technology!

For any car battery maintenance or free battery delivery and installation service, just dial 1-800-228837 for our Battery Assist and we will be there 24/7 in Klang Valley. Also, visit our Facebook page for product updates land news.

Century Batteries Now Packed with EFB Technology for Start-stop Cars!