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Century Excel for long-lasting car battery!

Century Battery has been in the automotive industry for a long time, providing motorists with superior performance that lasts longer. Century Excel – an automotive battery of great quality can provide a higher standard of care for your vehicle. That’s why Century Excel battery is engineered for motorists and heavy-duty use vehicles that require uncompromising and long-lasting performance in their drives. It is also a highly recommended car battery for diesel private AUV’s, vans and pick-ups that need a high-performing, maintenance-free automotive battery.


Car battery’s ability to power electrical gadgets is increasingly important in this modern-day period. That is why there is a heavier demand on the battery’s performance and longer battery life than before. Therefore, it is crucial for motorists to get the best and the most reliable car battery that suits their car needs. Century Battery understands these requirements which have resulted in the design of Century Excel – the leading range.


Century Excel for long-lasting car battery!| Century Battery


Product Features


  • Strengthened Strap Design- Re-engineered strap design and IC and weld to improve robustness under heavy road condition.
  • Double Ring Design – The Better bond between terminal and PP cover to avert acid seepage.
  • High-Torque Resistant Terminal- Sturdier battery terminal to oppose twisting during clamping.
  • New Negative Plates and Improved Electrolyte- Increased corrosion resistance and reduced water loss.
  • Improved Container and Cell Design- Tightly fitted element for higher vibration resistance


You can be sure that you are using one of the most reliable car battery and the right technology for your car when you choose Century Excel!

Century Excel also comes with EFB technology that fits for passenger cars with start-stop systems; designed for high battery charge acceptance and 3 times cycle life. With this technology, Century Excel can withstand the heavily used of electronic devices in your car.

With excellent product features, Century Excel lasts longer than the ordinary car battery. Expect reliability and longer-lasting car battery life with our Century Excel! Take your car for long engaging trips without worrying about your battery’s durability; ride and drive your car comfortably with Century Excel. For more information regarding this, please refer here.

You can also visit our site to learn more about Century’s products. Visit our dealer finder to know which car battery store is in your area! You can also use our Century car battery finder to know which Century battery fits your car. Head now to the nearest car battery shop in your area to have a long-lasting car battery experience!

In case you’re caught up on a car battery emergency, you can call our Century Battery Assist hotline at 1-800-228837. Battery Assist is available 24/7 for free delivery and installation in Klang Valley so do not hesitate to ring us for emergency and we will be there. Also, visit our Facebook page for more Century Battery information and product updates.

Century Excel for long-lasting car battery!