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Century Marathoner videos reached 2.5 million views!

Century Marathoner videos reached 2.5 million views

Century Battery Malaysia has been the hallmark of quality batteries ever since it started. Now, we prove that Century Battery smoothly captured its audiences’ hearts! With 2.5 million views in total from 4 Century videos uploaded on FB and YouTube.

Undeniably it became a benchmark not just in car batteries but also in promoting its brand, services, and products.


Have you seen the 4 videos?

The videos were used to create awareness on our Century Marathoner since its relaunch. The four videos created a sensational recognition because of its funny and clever take on the product’s tagline. Century incorporated some ideas that gain viewers’ attention, and it successfully did. Each video showcases clever and comical snippets on the product’s “Built tougher, Lasts longer” tagline.

The “Built Tougher for Massage” video gained 205k views on Facebook alone. It shows a masseuse exerting a solid amount of force to massage a man making him scream in pain. This reaction made the viewers laugh and roll-out of their beds, hence the likes and shares the video gained since its upload is extraordinary.


Another comical video is this “Built Tougher for Chili” that gained 741K views on Facebook. It gained a positive reaction because of how funny the video is, some fans also mentioned that the guy doesn’t feel any burn or pain while eating a bunch of chilies.


The “Built Tougher for Taekwondo” depicts that even time passes, Century Battery will remain strong and durable. This video gained 82k views on YouTube alone and still entertains viewers because of its funny story.


“Built Tougher for Any Weather” or the Eskimo video is quite popular in terms of view counts, having 236k views on YouTube. It shows two men in cold weather wherein one man is almost freezing to death while the other enjoys his cold drink and ice cream.

What are the videos for?


A series of separate videos uploaded on our FB page and YouTube channel was inspired by the product’s tagline “Built tougher, Lasts longer”. The four videos were shared to promote and create awareness on the product’s voice and message since its relaunch.

As a result, each comedy video gained 100+ thousand views since its posting date. Presently, the comical videos have a total of 2.5 million views on FB and YouTube.


Know more about Century Marathoner


To begin with, Century Marathoner is the brand’s superior heavy duty maintenance-free battery. It has Ramcar Fiber technology which enhances active material components cohesiveness. It also helps to contract during charging/discharging process without breaking the bonds.

Expanded Positive and negative Lead-Calcium-Tin Alloy Grid is also included in the Marathoner. This allows the grid to have finer grain structure to minimize sulfuric acid corrosions thus, leading to longer battery life. It also has low electric resistance separators for efficient and high cranking power.

Optimal separator thickness and improved container cell are also present to provide high resistance to vibration. With its improved battery design and performance, it is undeniable that Century Marathoner could go a long way in the battery industry.

Know more about Marathoner By Century

Where to buy Century Marathoner battery?


You can buy our Century Marathoner and any Century Battery as long as you are in Malaysia. We have 400 authorized Century Battery dealer in Malaysia and to find where you can buy our battery kindly refer to our dealer finder: Find the Dealer near you

You can also request for a delivery service since many of them offer battery delivery services when you purchase our product. Price may also vary from dealer to dealer since it is not under control in Malaysia. Consumers may also refer to our battery finder: Find your battery

To know which Century battery is suitable for your car model, you can directly write to us. For inquiries, battery delivery service, car battery problems, or Century battery warranty do not hesitate to contact us: Inquire

Let’s lasts longer with Century Battery!

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Century Marathoner videos reached 2.5 million views!