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Common Causes of Car Battery Failures

Isn’t it such a hassle to always change your car battery? Most often, your battery fails at the most inconvenient time, and you ask yourself what could have been the reason. Car battery failure is the highest cause of car breakdowns. Take note of these eight common causes of car battery malfunctions so you could avoid them in the future, or so you may know what to do in case of an emergency. Car battery service could be costly, save on it while you can.

Doors Left Open & Lights Left On

When leaving your car, always double check your headlights and dome lights. Lights left on commonly cause car battery to drain overnight. The same thing applies when you accidentally leave the doors open as this will cause interior lights or dashboard lights being left on.

Use of Accessories While Car is On

Using the radio or your mobile chargers while the key is in the on position could without the engine running also add up to your car battery to die quickly. As much as possible, avoid doing this.

Defective Relay Switch

If your car is off, but its relay is jammed in the on position, electricity continues to flow, which kills the battery and could also damage other parts with the stuck relay.

Alternator Failure

Some users immediately change car batteries without knowing that the problem is within the alternator. It is common to mistake alternator problem with the battery since the two are connected. Before quickly buying a new car battery, check if the alternator is the one at fault fist.

Car Not In Use for Extended Time

Not using your car for longer periods could cause the battery to die as it loses its electrical charge. Take your car to regular trips every once in a while to prevent your car battery to fail prematurely.

Extreme Temperatures

New batteries are an exception to this. However, if your car batteries are already weak, extreme temperatures could kill them immediately. There are different types of batteries, properly park your car inside places that are protected from extreme weather conditions.

Aging Car Battery

Car batteries drain. Take note of when you have purchased a battery, so you know when it’s time to get ready to buy a new one.

Improper Storage

If your car battery is not in use, proper maintenance is essential. Carefully read on your user’s manual on how to appropriately disconnect the batteries and how to store them. Hence, changing your car battery is crucial, and you must know the right way to do it.

Certainly, knowledge could save you from all the inconvenience that car battery failures could cause. Therefore, it’s essential to have your vehicle’s battery checked regularly. DIY battery care might be searchable these days but having them reviewed by knowledgeable and professional service personnel is still your safest choice. Visit car battery stores if you may.

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Common Causes of Car Battery Failures