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Want to get the best out of your Century car battery? Follow these tips to keep your car battery in tip top condition and get the best performance from it.

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Get 12+3 months extended warranty on Century Care mobile app

Get 12 + 3 Months Extended Warranty And More With Century Care Mobile App

Get 15* months one-to-one replacement warranty for free!

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Century batteries for Malaysian best-selling cars – Myvi battery and more

Looking forward to changing your car? Start by checking out the best-selling national cars in Malaysia!

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Car Maintenance Tips and Tips to Avoid Flat Battery During MCO

Malaysia is undergoing a total lockdown (FMCO) for 14 days starting from 1st June 2021 to 14 June 2021. Due to movement limitation…
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Century care ewarranty app

New Century Care App for Easy Warranty Registration

Century Care app was launched for easy registration and tracking of your battery warranty period. Follow the 4 easy steps to complete the registration.

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Does It Matter What Car Battery Size I Put in My Car

Does It Matter What Car Battery Size I Put in My Car?

Different vehicles need different size of batteries. Explore the importance of choosing the right car battery size and what’s the size that fits your car.

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How to Choose the Right Car Battery for Replacement

Car Battery Replacement Guide: How to Choose the Right Car Battery

Don’t know which is the right car battery for your vehicle? Check out car battery replacement guide to find the type of battery you need.

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3 signs of dying or dead car battery

3 Signs of Dying and Dead Car Battery

Find out what are the warning signs of dying or dead car battery. Call Century Battery Assist for an immediate car battery replacement!

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Century Battery Malaysia | What Causes Car Battery Drain - Cover

What Causes Car Battery Drain?

Discover the most common causes of your car battery drain. Get your car battery replacement today with Century Battery!

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Century Battery Malaysia | Century provides start-stop battery replacement service - Cover Image

Century Battery – Start-Stop Battery Replacement (EFB)

Looking for start-stop battery replacement for your start-stop engine car? Call us or check with the nearest dealer for car battery installation!

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When is the right time to change car battery?

Car batteries long for specific care more than anyone could imagine, but when do you know if it’s the right time to change car battery of your vehicle?

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Check for a Road-Ready Vehicle, Call Car Battery Delivery if Needed!

Back on the road? Here are some tips on how to get your car travel-ready! Call car battery delivery service immediately if needed.

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Car Won’t Start? Check for Battery Drain or Alternator Problem!| Century Battery

Car Won’t Start? Check for Battery Drain or Alternator Problem!

Trouble starting your car? Check out if you’re having a sudden battery drain or an alternator problem, learn more about it here!

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Car Battery Saving and Installation Tips During the MCO Period | Century Battery

Car Battery Saving and Installation Tips During the MCO Period

Know some easy maintenance tips to conserve you car’s battery life after weeks of non-use. Also, learn how to change your dead battery during the MCO period.

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Battery Hazards and Risk You Need To Know | Century Battery

Battery Handling, Risk and Safety Precautions

Knowing your car battery is a must especially with the impending risk that follows. Learn about safety precautions before handling battery.

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All New Century Marathoner Max Offers 2x Longer Battery Life!| Century Battery

All New Century Marathoner Max Offers 2X Longer Battery Life!

Introducing the all-new Century Marathoner Max, the reliable performance heavy duty maintenance free battery with 2X longer battery life!

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Happy Chinese New Year from Century Battery Malaysia

Car Maintenance Is A Must Before Your Chinese New Year Trip!

Car Maintenance check-up is a must when going on a trip. Read the full article to know how you can avoid a sour holiday drive this coming Chinese New Year.

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Reasons Why a Flat Battery or Premature Failures Happen | Century Battery

Reasons why a flat battery or premature failures happen

A car battery’s lifespan varies on several factors you do on a regular basis, these factors may affect your car’s electronic functions

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How to properly store your car battery for a long-lasting life| Century Battery

How to Properly Store Your Car Battery for a Long-lasting Life

Taking care of your reliable car battery to have a long-lasting battery life should be done to avoid weak car battery in the future.

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Safety Guidelines When Checking Your Car Battery | Century Battery

Safety Guidelines When Checking Your Car Battery

As a car enthusiast, you may be familiar with all the dos and don’ts when it comes to car batteries, right?

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Ways to measure your Century car battery condition | Century Battery

Ways to measure your Century car battery condition

It sets your engine and other components of your car to start, so it is better to have it checked from time to time.

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Century Excel for long-lasting car battery!| Century Battery

Century Excel for long-lasting car battery!

Century Battery has been in the automotive industry for a long time, providing motorists with superior performance that lasts longer.

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Maintain your car battery in a hot weather condition!

Things you need to check to maintain your car battery’s life in this hot season.

Hot weather is a natural phenomenon that occurs in different regions.

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Know more about your car battery maintenance

Maintenance Free and Low Maintenance Battery

We already mentioned before the tips and tricks you have to know to avoid draining your car battery.

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tips to increase car battery life

Tips on maintaining your car battery life

Your car battery gives power to every part of your vehicle, energy to make it function and electricity to make it start.
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Ketahui Kegunaan Bateri Kereta EFB | Century Battery

Century Batteries now packed with EFB technology for start-stop cars!

Experience maximum ride with Century batteries! Now with EFB technology, expect your battery to last longer and built tougher for your start-stop car.

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century battery videos trending in youtube & fb

Century Marathoner videos reached 2.5 million views

Century Battery Malaysia has been the hallmark of quality batteries ever since it started. Now, we prove that Century Battery smoothly captured its audiences’ hearts!
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pengecas bateri kereta.

Cara Untuk Menjalankan Pemeriksaan Sistem Pengecas Bateri Kereta

Sistem pengecas bateri kereta amat penting untuk memastikan kereta anda kekal hidup dan berjalan dengan menggunakan kedua-dua alternator dan bateri kereta.
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tips to find the best car battery

Guide to choose the best car battery

Choosing the best car battery for your car is more like choosing the right lover for you.  It must be consistent, reliable and can provide the things you need.
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Jangka Hayat Bateri Kereta

7 Tips Berguna untuk Memanjangkan Jangka Hayat Bateri Kereta

Anda pasti tahu bahawa bateri kereta adalah antara komponen yang penting untuk sesebuah kereta.
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Brandlaureate award

We have good news for you!

Century Battery is honored with The BrandLaureate Industry Champion Brand ICON Leadership Award 2018 at the recent BrandLaureate Awards 2018 Gala Dinner, held at The Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.
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Bateri Kereta Kong

Bateri Kereta Kong atau Alternator yang Rosak?

Anda masuk kedalam kereta bersama kawan atau keluarga, bersiap untuk berkendara di jalan raya dan memutar kunci kereta
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Jump start car battery

How to Jump-start Your Car Battery?

As a car owner, you should be able to maintain and check your car battery every day to prevent it from dying in the middle of the road. By doing so, your car battery can last longer than you think.
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Battery kereta

Periksa Kereta Sebelum Perjalanan Jauh

Memandu bersama keluarga untuk pulang ke kampung adalah alternatif yang sangat menyenangkan. Namun,macam-macam masalah boleh timbul dan menggangu perjalanan anda.
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Functions of a Car Battery | Century Battery

Component That Makes Up Your Car Battery

Your car battery is essential to the overall function of your car. Every car owner knows how important it is to buy the right car battery type and it’s crucial to know …
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Komponen-Komponen Penting Kereta | Bateri Century

Komponen-Komponen Penting Kereta

Sebelum menghantar kereta anda ke pusat servis, anda perlu mempelajari beberapa komponen kereta penting supaya anda mudah …
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Common Causes of Car Battery Failures

Common Causes of Car Battery Failures

Isn’t it such a hassle to always change your car battery? Most often, your car battery fails at the most inconvenient time and you ask yourself what could  …
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Cara Penjagaan Bateri Kereta

Cara Penjagaan Bateri Kereta Untuk Tahan Lama

Sebagai pengedar elektrik bagi kereta, bateri kereta ialah sebuah komponen penting bagi kereta anda. Supaya tidak dapat …
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Penghantaran Percuma Bateri Kereta di Klang Valley | Century Battery

Penghantaran Percuma Bateri Kereta di Klang Valley

Bateri adalah salah satu alat penting dalam sistem kereta. Sama juga seperti mana paru-paru yang menjadi organ penting dalam  …
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Signs To Bid Farewell To Your Car Battery Century Battery

Signs To Bid Farewell To Your Car Battery

As a significant part of your car, car battery is what keeping your car moving. By sending the power to your starter, alternator and engine to start your car and generate …
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centurybattery Things you can do to maximise your car battery’s lifespan

Things you can do to maximise your car battery’s lifespan

The lifespan of your car battery depends on how frequently you drive your car, the conditions you put your car under, and how often you keep your gadgets …
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centurybattery ‘Maintenance free' batteries still need to be serviced occassionally

‘Maintenance free’ batteries still need to be serviced occasionally

SLA (sealed lead-acid battery) or VRLA (valve regulated lead-acid battery) are a type of lead-acid rechargeable car battery. They are more commonly known as …
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If my car won’t start, is it a battery problem?

Not necessarily. If your car won’t start and the car battery is still in good condition, it could be a problem with the starter motor. Otherwise, if this problem happened …
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Driving short distances drains your car battery faster.

If you are only driving short distances with your car, you may not be giving your alternator enough time to recharge the car battery. Several factors affect an alternator’s ability …
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If your headlights swing between dim and bright, check your alternator.

If you notice this happening, it’s more likely that your altenator is having a problem instead of your car battery. Dim headlights are a sign that they are drawing power …
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If in doubt, have your car battery tested

You can have your car battery tested at a workshop or car battery dealer that has the right equipment. Or you can arrange an appointment with us to test your …
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Make sure your car battery is properly secured

If your car battery is loosely clamped or not properly secured in place, it could experience more vibrations than normal when your vehicle is moving, especially if you’re driving on …
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Check your car battery regularly

Periodically popping the bonnet to inspect your car battery is a good habit. One of the most common causes of reduced car battery performance is corrosion. Corrosion is typically found …
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