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Reasons why a flat battery or premature failures happen

A car battery’s lifespan varies on several factors you do on a regular basis, these factors may affect your car’s electronic functions, engine quality and overall performance that might lead to a flat battery. So, what do you think are the reasons why a flat and weak car battery occurs on an early stage after your purchase?


Reasons why flat battery occurs early



Room temperature or the environment where you park your car plays a big factor in your car battery’s quality. As batteries are susceptible to extreme temperature, it is better to regularly monitor the degree of heat where you park your car. Extreme heat in tropical countries can cause electrolyte loss which leads to a flat battery. This is why it is recommended to park your car in a garage or under a tree to avoid untimely battery discharge.


Incorrect Installation

Incorrectly installing your car battery may lead to battery failure prematurely. Check your car battery’s seals, caps, and connections before installing it to avoid a flat battery in the future. Loose connections or caps may also cause abrupt explosion or failures. However, you can prevent it by reading the manufacturer’s installation instructions or contact the nearest battery store to help you.


Charging Errors

Charging your battery in a wrong way is not a good idea if you want it to last longer. Every battery has a specified charging voltage range and this range should be strictly followed. Before the battery is dead, make sure to seek advice on the amount of voltage your car battery needs. Otherwise your car battery might fail early on.


Taking Short Trips

Short trips are fun, there’s no doubt in that but this kind of trips can lead to untimely depletion of your battery charge. Flat battery may occur if you continue to use your battery on short trips as starting the engine draws a heavy amount of electrical charge from your battery. Taking short trips cannot replace the power used to start the engine and this leads to a sudden discharge of battery power.


Using Too Much Electrical Power

– Another reason for a dead battery is when you overwork your electrical systems. Things like leaving the headlights on, radio, air-conditioning without turning the engine off may lead to a weak battery as it uses too much electrical charge.


Wrong Battery Size

A car model requires the right battery that meets it electrical requirements. Given the fact that battery comes in different sizes and specifications, you should be aware of what battery type you must use for your car. Using a battery that is not adequate to your car needs can result in shorter lifespan or flat battery.


How to avoid a flat battery or premature battery failure?


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If you take care of your car diligently, you can avoid a flat battery in no time. Make sure to take note of all the reasons to avoid it next time. Heed all the failing battery symptoms to take the necessary actions needed.

Reasons why a flat battery or premature failures happen