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How to Jumpstart Your Car Battery

As a car owner, you should be able to maintain and check your car battery every day to prevent it from dying in the middle of the road. By doing so, your car battery can last longer than you think. However, when you neglect your duties as a car owner, you’ll notice changes like it starts slower than usual, lights become dull or weak, battery case swells, and discharges foul odor. Then, while you are on a drive going somewhere, it halts in the middle of an isolated road. The lights go out, engine stops and all you can hear is the sound of crickets around you. Don’t worry and do not panic! We can provide steps on how to jump-start your car and make it work.


Follow these steps to jump-start your car battery in a jiffy

  • See whether your battery is the real problem

The problem with car engines is that it’s difficult to manage. Especially, when you are not familiar with your car model or car functions. It’s a hassle when you cannot recognize your own car battery type and cannot identify its problem.

  • Check if there is a nearest car battery service near you

When in doubt, ask someone. It is better to talk to a professional or a person who knows to solve the problem than solving it on your own.

  • Find a helping hand

If there are no car battery services near you, do not hesitate to ask for help. It is better to swallow your pride than to walk a hundred miles.

  • Take out your jumper cables

Always keep a set of jumper cables and pack it inside the trunk lid of your automobile, you may not know when your car battery will die.

  • Make sure to turn your car engine off before jump-starting it

Do engage both parking brakes as precautionary measures.

  • Connect the red clip to the positive terminal of the working car battery

    Do the same thing in your dead car battery

  • Attach the black clip to the negative terminal of the opposing car

Make sure to attach the other end of the negative clip to an unpainted metal of your vehicle. Confirm if the black clip attached to your automobile is away from your dead battery.Linking both negative terminals together can cause a spark or explosion, therefore it’ll be better to check before jumpstarting your car.

  • Avoid closing your car’s hood.

As much as possible keep it open to avoid the heat caused by the jump-starting process.

  • Try running the working vehicle for a few minutes

Wait until 5 or 10 minutes before starting yours.

  • If it starts, remove your cable clips in reverse order from the way you attached them
  • Remember not to link both ends of the cable or to put it on any metal surfaces
  • You can wait for 30 minutes before continuing your journey

Make sure to go to the nearest car battery service to further check your car battery.

  • If the jump-starting fails, leave your car in a safe place and find a car battery servicing to check your battery needs

Changing the battery can be recommended by the servicing company, and they can also suggest the best car battery type for your car.


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How to Jumpstart Your Car Battery