Engaging with Customers using innovative approaches

Brand Leadership

With a heritage of more than 50 years, we are a brand leader within the automotive battery industry. Some of the branding activities we have embarked on include outdoor advertising and social media initiatives to take our brand further. We are pleased that our online customer support programmes have gained traction. These integrated and innovative programmes generate greater confidence and interest in our company, products and services, leading to increase sales for our dealers.

We are focused on creating better products and programmes to engage both our customers and dealers to further our brand dominance.

Digital Media

We are the first in the industry to introduce free mobile apps for customer support. Our Battery Finder app assists customers to find suitable batteries for their vehicles while the Dealer Finder app helps identify the nearest dealer location. Besides offering convenience, these apps provide a ready advertising platform for our dealers.

We actively engage our consumers through a user-friendly website as well as through social media via Facebook. Our online presence has a broad reach that has significantly enhanced customer-brand relationship as well as increase brand awareness. Interacting with our end-users allows us to gather valuable feedback thus providing better leverage that immediately differentiates us from our competitors.