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New Century Care App for Easy Warranty Registration

Tracking the Century battery warranty is now possible straight from your mobile phone with the newly-launched Century Care app. It is an easy-to-use eWarranty app designed to streamline the process of registration, tracking, claiming of car battery warranty for the customers.

No matter what battery type you have bought from Century Battery, you can save the purchase receipt, record battery installation date and mileage, check your warranty claim status and keep track of the warranty period from time-to-time.

It makes it convenient to carry receipts and warranty along all the time, without having to worry about losing them. Most importantly, you can save yourself the hassle of rummaging through all the drawers and cupboards looking for a warranty card that might have been thrown away.

Moving forward, we’ll guide you through the registration process, it is fairly simple and user-friendly.

4 Simple Steps to Get Your Battery Warranty via Century Care App

1. Download & Launch Century Care App

To register for the battery warranty, you need to download the app. The Century Care app is available on multiple mobile app stores like Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Huawei App Gallery. You can visit the Century Care webpage to download the app.

Download Century Care App

2. Scan OR Code on Battery

After launching the app, you can tap on the ‘Register Warranty’ button and key in the serial number labelled on the top of your car battery.  To simplify things, it has the option to scan the QR code displayed next to the serial number.

Scan OR Code on Battery

3. Fill Up The Registration Form

After submitting your QR code or serial number, it’s time to provide your vehicle and battery information. Here’s a summary of the information required in this section for you to prepare in advance:

  • Vehicle type
  • Car plate number
  • Current odometer (KM)
  • Battery purchase date & receipt
  • Email address

Fill Up The Registration Form

4. Receive and Keep Your Warranty Information

After the registration is completed, you’ll receive an email, along with a passcode. Then, you can start tracking your battery warranty on the Century Care App with the passcode or product QR code.


Receive and Keep Your Warranty Information

Download Century Care App to Access Your Paperless Warranty at Anytime, Anywhere

Century Care eWarranty app offers a simple approach towards storing and tracking a warranty for the car battery. While things are increasingly going digital, it’s time to move your battery warranty from the drawers to the phone and enjoy the convenient warranty tracking experience.

To learn more about the app or download it, visit our Century Care webpage.

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New Century Care App for Easy Warranty Registration