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All New Century Marathoner Max Offers 2X Longer Battery Life!

For over 60 years in the automotive battery industry, Century Battery Malaysia has been providing motorists with superior and reliable products. In conjunction with the 60th-anniversary celebration – The 60 Years of Innovation, Century Battery proudly introduce to the Malaysian market the all-new product – Century Marathoner Max, a superior heavy-duty, maintenance free battery specially designed for long lasting journeys.

With the new technology, Century Marathoner Max can provide 2 times longer battery life than an ordinary battery. Its high cycle endurance and improved recharging ability resulted in 2 times longer life cycle in an internal test against Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS), thus, making Century Marathoner Max last even longer – a battery life that may transcend your expectation.

All New Century Marathoner Max Offers 2x Longer Battery Life!| Century Battery

The usage of electronic devices in cars is increasing day by day, long lasting battery life has become one of the most important factors in a car battery selection. Hence, a heavy-duty car battery that could provide longer life and high performance are essential to the life of your car.

What makes Century Marathoner Max 2 times Longer Life and 2 times More Start?

Century Marathoner Max is a long lasting maintenance free battery with the following features:

Longer battery life

  • The tropicalised plates in Century Marathoner Max are effective in preventing the formation of lead sulfate crystals caused by hot weather.
  • With the optimum acid to material ratio, it enables the battery life to last 2 times longer.

High cycle endurance

  • With the new paste formula – DENXITA maximizes the use of active material, improves conductivity and produces maximum power.

Improved recharging ability

  • Equipped with anti-sulfation and enriched electrolyte substance enabling Century Marathoner Max to recharge quickly.

Reliable Performance

The Century Marathoner Max has been tested internally against Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and has proven to have a 2,880 life cycle. This is not only compliant to the JIS standard of 1,300 life cycle, but it is above the standard!

Century Marathoner Max is definitely the best car battery that could provide you with a reliable performance and long lasting battery life.

Where to find Century Marathoner Max

If you have a weak car battery or experiencing battery problems, you can contact Century Battery dealer’s battery store in Malaysia directly for pricing inquiries. Please visit for the car battery store address or location.

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All New Century Marathoner Max Offers 2X Longer Battery Life!