Century Excel

Excel for motorist who require uncompromising and long lasting performance.


Century Ultramax

Ultramax is the only battery in Malaysia certified by SIRIM. That’s 21-month extended warranty.


Century SDFC

If you own a continental vehicle, a higher standard of care is what your car requires.


Century Marathoner Max

Marathoner Max, two times the life cycle, two times the start to last even longer.


Century Optima Prime

Optima Prime designed with extra heavy duty features and tropicalized plate -the new technology maintenance-free battery.


Century Hybrid

Hybrid is an exceptional auto battery that utilises a distinctive lead calcium alloy technology to offer reliable power for heavy duty use.

centurybattery Motolite Heavy Duty

Century Motolite Heavy Duty

Motolite fits most of passenger vehicles in Malaysia and also meets most battery requirement of Asian and European sourced vehicles.