With a heritage of more than 60 years, we are a brand leader within the automotive battery industry. Some of the branding activities we have embarked on include outdoor advertising, commercial ads and digital media initiatives to widen our brand’s reach. We are pleased that our online customer support program has gained traction. Such integrated programs generate greater confidence and interest in our company, products and services, leading to an increase in sales for our dealers.

We are focused on creating better products and programs to engage both our customers and dealers to further strengthen our position as the market leader.


We actively engage our consumers through our user-friendly website as well as through social media. Our online presence has a broad reach which significantly enhances our customer-brand relationships while increasing brand awareness. Interacting with our end-users allows us to gather valuable feedback that enables us to immediately differentiate ourselves from our competitors.


Since 2011, we introduced a highly successful CTML campaign to help engage end-users and increase sales. This innovative program was the first in our industry. It helped create strong brand awareness for Century and was well received by customers and dealers.

It was simple and effective; dealers who signed up with us had their shops creatively displayed with the CTML point-of-sale merchandise. A Century mystery shopper will visit their shop, giving the owners and staff a chance to win cash prizes instantly! If they effectively promote Century batteries to the mystery shopper, they stand to win even more attractive prizes on top of the cash reward. This is another successful example of how Century innovates to help our dealers and end-users.

With Century, everybody wins!


Dealer Appreciation Night – Top distributors and top retailers will be receiving awards on stage. CMB will also organise product launching events, campaigns and some fun activities during the night.


The Dealer Incentive Trips are organised annually to foster a good relationship with dealers.