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Check your car battery regularly

Periodically popping the bonnet to inspect your car battery is a good habit. One of the most common causes of reduced car battery performance is corrosion. Corrosion is typically found on top of the battery and around the battery clamps. Regular inspection will help you ensure that your car battery is always clean and ready to go.

If you do see corrosion, use a suitable cleaning agent to clean the corroded areas. Remember to wipe the area clean and re-attach the cables and battery correctly.

Another thing to look out for are signs of physical damage. This usually is an indication that battery has overheated or has been overcharged. If you notice such damage to your car battery, send your car to the mechanic immediately or call Century Battery Assist to have a new car battery delivered to you (this service is only available in the Klang Valley).


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Check your car battery regularly