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Century Battery – Start-Stop Battery Replacement (EFB)

Nowadays, more and more vehicles come with a start-stop system that is designed to improve fuel economy. With a start-stop system, it helps by limiting the engine’s idle time through subsequently shutting down and restarting the car engine.

As a result, it is necessary to have a car battery with improved cycle durability to be able to perform a next Star-Stop cycle smoothly. The solution to this is simple, get a start-stop battery replacement that suits your car – at Century Battery Malaysia!

With EFB technology, your car battery has 3 times longer idling stop life cycle, battery charge acceptance level rises up to 130% and starting power to 115%! WOW!

Vehicles such as Myvi Advance and Bezza Advance are now equipped with Perodua Eco Idle System that design for fuel savvy by shutting off the engine when the car stops and restarts when it moves. The same goes with Mazda’s i-stop or idle-stop system. By getting a correct start-stop battery replacement ensures your car battery endures more life-cycles that normal car batteries.

The differences between start-stop batteries with EFB Technology and normal car batteries:

For starters, Start-stop battery that comes with EFB Technology is or what we known as Enhanced Flooded Battery is the improved version of standard wet-flooded technology.

The main difference between start-stop battery and the standard battery is its advanced cycle life and performance for your start-stop car. Therefore, EFB Battery has the ability to recover quickly than a standard battery. Besides, it has three times longer idling stop life cycle and able to withstand heavily equipped electronic devices such as dash camera, car TV and etc.

Besides, EFB batteries can withstand the sudden discharge and recharge of energy every time you shut-off and restart your car. Click here to see more about the information of EFB technology.

Introducing Century Batteries with EFB technology that is well-matched with all sorts of start-stop cars! Century EFB Batteries were designed to hold out against the heat or unnecessary electrical discharge that will lead the car battery drained easily. All you need is to have a start-stop battery replacement with Century Battery Malaysia!

Looking for a car battery in Century Battery Malaysia that provides EFB technology for your start-stop car? We have it here!

To get a start-stop battery replacement from Century, you can always check on our Battery Finder for the most suitable battery that fits your start-stop car.

 Where to buy Century EFB

There are 3 ways to purchase your EFB battery from Century, which are:

  1. Nearest Dealer

Check your nearest dealer in your area by clicking Century Dealer Finder to purchase your car battery and know the best car battery price. There is unnecessary to type ‘car battery near me’ on the search bar.

  1. Century Battery Assist

If your start-stop car won’t start, you should call Century Battery Assist at 1-800-228837 or 1-300-228837 for a start-stop battery replacement service for you! Century Battery Assist operating hours are from 7 am- 11 pm due to RMCO.

Nationwide* delivery and installation available:

Klang Valley

Negeri Sembilan – Seremban, Nilai, Senawang, Sendayan

Melaka – Melaka Town, Jasin, Bamban, Cheng, Batu Berendam, Air Keroh, Alor Gajah

Johor – Johor Bharu, Pontian, Kulai, Pasir Gudang, Skudai

Perak – Ipoh town, Simpang Pulai, Taiping, Kemunting

Pulau Pinang – Penang Island, Butterworth, Bukit Mertajam, Seberang Perai

Kedah – Sg Petani, Kulim

Kelantan – Kota Bahru town

Sarawak – Kuching

  1. BUZZ Us via Whatsapp

If you’re more comfortable with texting, you can Whatsapp (+60 17-293 5515) to Century Battery Assist and inquire for battery delivery services!

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Century Battery - Start-Stop Battery Replacement (EFB)