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Component That Makes Up Your Car Battery

Your car battery is essential to the overall function of your car. Every car owner knows how important it is to buy the right car battery type and it’s crucial to know a reliable car battery store to buy it from. But what does it specifically do help your car run? To be able to understand how your car works and what can cause problems in the future, you must know your car parts first and what they do.

Batteries are composed of cells and these cells contain energy. Every car battery stores chemical energy and converts it to electrical energy when used – this is how your car starts. Through a chemical reaction, electrical energy in a battery is generated. In lead-acid batteries which are common to vehicles, an electrolyte which is a mixture of sulphuric acid and water, reacts with an active material inside the battery.

Once you switch the engine on, your car battery emits electrical energy that enables your car to function. As the engine runs, the alternator provides electric power to the electric equipment, and the battery is recharged at the same time. Aside from electric equipment, your car battery supplies power to the lights and accessories, and works as a backup to controllers and other types of computerized equipment as well.

What makes up your car battery?

Battery Terminal
Connects to the positive and negative strap of the end cells, the battery terminal’s interfacing point between the battery and the vehicle’s electrical system.

Battery Acid
A high-purity solution of sulphuric acid and water.

Cast-on Strap for Batteries
Provides an electrical connection to the battery terminal.

Battery Negative Plate
Contains a metal grid with spongy lead active material.

Battery Separator
A polyethylene material that separates the positive and negative plates to deliver an efficient flow of electrical current.

Positive Battery Plate
Accommodates a metal grid with lead dioxide active material.

Lid on Battery
Made of polypropylene resin and sealed to the car battery case.

Battery Case
A polypropylene resin that holds the battery plates, cast-on straps and electrolyte. Designed to lessen vibration impact and extend battery life.

Battery Plates
Consist of loaded alternating positive and negative plates, fits into the individual cells of each battery.

Battery Paste
A lead oxide mixture that creates both lead dioxide and sponge lead.

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Component That Makes Up Your Car Battery