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What Causes Car Battery Drain?

The human has often been likened to a car. You will feel exhausted and drained after a long tiring day. Though your car isn’t going out for social meetings or appointments, there are still reasons that may cause your car battery drain.

Let’s find out!

1) Human Error

Perhaps the most common reason that causes your car battery drain would be human oversight. When you are in a rush for appointments and meetings, you might forget to turn your headlights off and it will drain your car battery completely.

Despite modern cars comes with features and warning system that will automatically shut off lights, this is still quite common. Even just left your car doors slightly ajar may cause your car lights to turn on all day – until it completely drained off.

2) A Defective Alternator

Sometimes a battery failure might not actually be related to the battery at all, but a defective alternator. Normally, when your vehicle is running, your battery relies on the alternator to help it stay charged. However, if your alternator fails to charge the battery, it might result in car battery drain.

If your car won’t start after driving, comes with electrical issues like flickering lights or strange, abnormal noises, there’s a chance it might be your alternator problem.

Check here for more info on whether it is your battery or alternator problem.

3) A Parasitic Drain

Having lots of electrical devices such as USB cables and security cameras will also cause your car battery drain. These are called a parasitic drain.

A Parasitic drain occurs when your vehicle components continue to draw power from your vehicle – even after the key is removed entirely.

Third-party accessories like sensors, power locks, clocks and cameras will drain your car battery, as these often do not shut off automatically.

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What Causes Car Battery Drain?