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Car Maintenance Is A Must Before Your Chinese New Year Trip!

Chinese New Year is almost around the corner! Have you decided what to do to spend this coming festive season? Whether going home to your family or being with your friends, you must know if your car can take the demands of a busy holiday trip. This is why regular car maintenance is a must sought task before having a busy week. Check your car’s condition before heading out to a family gathering to avoid hassle on the road.


Here are some few things to check before you go on your holiday trip

Battery Change – Your battery is a vital part of your car. Do check it from time to time, especially if you are having a holiday trip somewhere far. The Battery is made up of chemicals that supplies electric current to your car, without it your vehicle would not be able to start. Check if it still has a running power, if none, better opt to visit the nearest battery shop in your area for a battery replacement. You could also do a check-up yourself, but heed some safety guidelines before you do so. Be mindful and tick the battery change off your car maintenance to do list this coming Chinese New Year and avoid nuisance on the road.

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Car Oil ChangeAn oil change is as important as the other things in your car maintenance to do list. Oil lubricates every moving part of your engine, take note that it might wear down dramatically if it is not properly lubricated. Remember that lack of proper lubrication creates friction from moving parts of the engine, hence, constantly having an engine oil change can also reduce overheating. You don’t want a smoking engine while driving, right?


Wheel Change – Long drives make your car wheels wear out, you don’t want a flat tire while having your time on the road, do you? So, to avoid this, include wheel changing in your car maintenance to do list this coming Chinese New Year. A flat tire is prone to accident and spending your holiday in the hospital is not something you want, trust me.

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Vehicle check up – Car maintenance! Do a vehicle check up regularly and not only when you are going out for a holiday. It is a must to visit the nearest car repair shop and have a consistent car maintenance check once in a while to avoid an unforeseen problem by your car’s battery and engine power.

Have your long drives hassle-free by checking up on your car and doing a constant car maintenance check. It is better to avoid unwanted scenarios before it happens right under your nose. For more car tips, head to our website and click the jumpstart section for more car battery information that could help your way through this holiday season.


For car repair and maintenance, drop by at the nearest battery shop in your area to have your car checked professionally. You may also visit our dealer finder  to see the nearest battery store dealer in your place. You may also check our Facebook page for more product updates and news. Purchase your Century Marathoner battery on our Lazada and Shopee page for a more convenient and memorable holiday experience!

And to finish it off, Century Battery Malaysia wishes you a safe journey home and a Happy Chinese New Year!

Car Maintenance Is A Must Before Your Chinese New Year Trip!