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When is the right time to change car battery?

Car batteries are basically the soul of every car yet most of the time taken for granted. And so it always boils down to the question, “When is the right time to change car battery?”

Fortunately, there are a few symptoms that may indicate your battery needs attention before it’s too late. It’s time for a new battery when you notice:

Slow Engine Crank

Attempting to start the vehicle takes longer than normal and a sluggish crank on the car engine starts to appear.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light appears indicating that your battery power is weak. Few tips to maintain your car battery life may be of help during this situation.

Low Battery Fluid Level

Keeping an eye on the car battery’s fuel level is essential. If the fluid level is below the lead plates or the energy conductor, the battery and charging system should be tested.

Swelling, Bloating Battery Case

It’s time to change car battery when the case starts to bloat or swell due to excessive heat. Such incidents decrease car battery life.

Old Age

Typically, it takes beyond three years for a person to change car battery.  But at the very least, it’s better to have its current condition inspected on a yearly basis when it reaches the three-years mark.


How well do you know your car battery?

To know if your battery will last for three years or more, the first thing you have to be familiar with is its interior components.

For starters, conventional batteries consist of 6 cells connected in series, each with a nominal voltage of 2 V, resulting in a total voltage of 12.72 V for a full-charged car batteries.

On the inside of your car battery, the more plates in every cell means a larger cold start power (CCA) the battery delivers. However, the car cycle stability increases if the space in the cell is used for fewer and thicker plates. The latter means that the battery is designed for a higher car battery charge throughput (continual charging and discharging process).

The little things matter in batteries

Car batteries long for specific care more than anyone could imagine. And what’s important in this car battery care is to be aware of the little things that might affect or damage them.

First thing to jumpstart your car battery is to keep in mind to turn off all interior and exterior lights before getting out of the car. Likewise, it is of paramount importance to unplug car power adapters.

Fortunately, the Century Battery Assist is there to help with all sorts of car battery-related activities — from assisting to change car battery to fixing problems with them.

Quick Steps:

  1. Call the Century Battery Assist at 1-800-228837
  2. Provide your car model (including the year), current car battery you are using, and your car battery size along with general information about you.
  3. Wait for the Century Battery Assist technician to come and assist you, whenever, and wherever you are.

Just follow these quick steps for a more convenient and easier way to discover how long a car battery last in vehicle. If the time is on your side, you may have your battery tested and drop by the nearest Century Battery store for new batteries and other assistance.

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When is the right time to change car battery?